Massachusetts Clean Peak Energy Credits (CPECs)

Massachusetts has introduced a new way to quantify and monetize energy savings by renewable systems, the Clean Peak Energy Standard.  Clean Peak Energy Certificates can be earned by any system that “generates, dispatches or discharges electricity to the electric distribution system… or alternatively, reduces load on said system.”  In layman’s terms, this means that any system that creates, stores, and releases energy (and meets the specifications detailed below) is eligible for Clean Peak Energy Certificates.  CPEC’s are calculated using megawatts of energy saved and created per Seasonal and hourly periods with additional multipliers.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy has asserted that 1.5% of sales by energy providers must be met with Clean Peak Energy Certificates in 2020, with that percentage increasing steadily through 2050.  If your system meets the qualifications, we recommend setting up the metering system as soon as possible so you can begin making money.

We at Knollwood Energy are excited to be a part of this new market!  As one of the largest aggregators of renewable credits in the country, we are able to help you make money as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Knollwood Energy will take care of all of the paperwork required to get your system registered in MassCEC and Nepool GIS, and approved by MA DOER, for participation in the CPEC program. The only thing a customer has to do is (electronically) sign our contract.

If you have any questions or think your system qualifies for Clean Peak Energy Certificates, please reach out to Jessica Lakritz at


Jessica Lakritz
Clean Peak Energy Specialist
Knollwood Energy of MA