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New Jersey SREC Program

The New Jersey SREC Program is one of the most active in the country. Installers, aggregators, brokers and Load Serving Entities (LSE) work together to satisfy the requirements to produce renewable energy.

Knollwood Energy, established in 2006, is one of the largest independent aggregators in the state. We have contacts with most of the LSEs and brokers. This helps ensure that Knollwood Energy has the most up-to-date market information, so our customers can make the best decisions possible.

Knollwood Energy can buy your SRECs all at once or periodically throughout the year. We work to make your life as easy as possible. You can manage your own account or have Knollwood Energy manage it for you.

If Knollwood Energy manages your GATS account, you will provide us with meter readings at the end of every month.  We have had years of experience working with residential customers who supply us with monthly meter readings.  We will send you a monthly email reminder that contains a link to your account.  You will only need to click on the link and enter your meter reading and we will take care of entering that data into GATS. If you do not have email access, then please call us with the meter reading.

As before, we will combine all of our customers’ SRECs, and then go into the market as a large institutional seller and work to get the best price possible.   Please remember that Knollwood Energy only represents the interests of sellers, as opposed to most of our competitors.  We never charge buyers a fee, so that we are able to pass as high a price as possible to our customers.

Please call Knollwood Energy at (908) 955-0590 to discuss your individual needs and to allow us to develop a unique plan to maximize your return.

Effective 12/1/2012

As of 12/1/2012, the Board of Public Utilities no longer allows customers to use engineering estimates for systems under 10 kW and requires the use of a revenue grade meter that meets the specifications of ANSI C12.1.  If you do not have a new revenue grade meter, you will not be eligible to receive SRECs. Check with your installer first to determine if you already have a revenue grade meter in place.  Please contact us if you would like a list of installers who can provide you with the right meter.  Lastly, when your new meter is installed, be sure to ask for instructions on how to read it.

New Jersey SRECs FAQ’s

Eliminate the trip to the bank and get your payment directly deposited into your bank account!  Click here for a link to the secure ACH form.  You only need to complete this form if you currently receive payment by check.  You can view your current payment option in the Knollwood Energy Customer Portal.  Direct deposit payments are typically received 5-7 business days sooner than postal mailed checks.

No, in New Jersey, you get credit for SRECs from the date of your interconnection agreement.  This should be the day that your system was turned on.  If that is the case, then you will get credit for production from your meter reading of 0.

Customers in the SREC program were originally eligible for SRECs for 15 years.  You have reached that milestone.  Your system does not qualify for SRECs anymore, but does qualify for NJ Class 1 credits.  Unfortunately, those are currently only worth about $6.REC.  Don’t be too sad, you had a great run.